Video:Michael Wardian, Trail Running’s Most Prolific Champion

Video:Michael Wardian, Trail Running’s Most Prolific Champion

A profile of the father, full-time worker and (very) fast trail runner

Michael Wardian is known as one of the most prolific trail racers out there. (In 2014, he finished 54 races, many of them marathons and ultras, according to his website.) And he doesn’t just race frequently; he races well. His 2015 results include a first-place, course-record finish at the Eastern States 100-miler and two world treadmill 50K world records.

In this video by Nathan Sports, Wardian talks about his start in running, transforming himself from a fast amateur to an elite-caliber athlete.

Few people in the world would be willing to take on the sheer volume of miles and races that Michael does, but we take great inspiration from the fact that he manages to juggle his amazing regimen with a full-time job, spousal and parental responsibilities, and a generally busy lifestyle… just like the rest of us.

The lessons from Michael’s disciplined approach to building a running lifestyle is that it really is all about priorities and finding your personal balance. Enjoy!