A Quirky Trail-Running Tour in Historic Croatia

A Quirky Trail-Running Tour in Historic Croatia

Ok Game of Thrones fans and trail runners alike this video takes us past craggy mountains, ancient churches and campy historical reenacters

This might be the quirkiest race preview we’ve ever come across.

In this video from the Dalmacija Ultra Trail, a race that apparently takes place in October in the Dalmatia region of Croatia, a runner crosses through the area’s towns and mountains.

In between running steep, rocky trails and quiet forest paths, he tags various landmarks—a fifth-century fortress in the center of town, an 11th-century chapel atop a steep series of switchbacks.

Nice scenes and outstanding extra’s acting. Just saying

Watch it here

Each historical site brings encounters with self-consciously campy actors in period dress. The runner interrupts a sword fight, surprises studious monks and—our favorite—gets chased out of an open-air amphitheater by what appears to be a Roman legionary. (How, if at all, historical reenactment factors into the race itself is unclear, but a chase pack of sword-wielding soldiers would probably lead to some PRs.)

If the video sounds goofy, that’s because it is. But it’s also a pretty cool visual tour of an area with rich architectural history, lots of trails and epic scenery.

A registrations and already registered runners can be found at Stotinka. https://www.stotinka.hr/hrv/dogadjaj/162

Dalmatia Ultra Trail race will be held from 21. to 23.10.2016. in Dalmatia in the following categories:
165 km – start from Omiš
110 km – start from Klis
60 km – start from Baška voda
20 km – start from Dugi rat

The race passes through the most attractive natural, cultural and historical areas of central Dalmatia.