Logan’s Run: Blind cross country runner is blazing her own trail

Blind cross country runner Logan blazes her own trail

The Franklin Community High School  (Ind) Girls Cross Country team is a couple of races into their season. One runner in particular named Logan Anderson  energizing the entire team. Nothing unusual in that you might think. However Logan Anderson was born with Oculocutaneous Albinism which affects her eyes, and sin and hair pigmentation. Only one in 20,000 people are born with it. She runs with a guide by her side, telling her where to go, and where to place her feet. The Indiana High School Athletic Association had to give Anderson special permission to compete. She was approved because they said she doesn’t get a competitive advantage from having a guide runner with her. Last weekend, she competed in her second race. She came in 164th out of 166 runners, but she competed.

“It’s like you’re another person when you run,” said Logan Anderson, a senior at the school. It’s Anderson’s second year on the team, but the first time she’s allowed to compete “It’s just something I love to do, and something I hope everyone else sees the beauty in,” said Anderson.

“Phenomenal, in a word,” said Ray Lane, the team’s coach. Lane says at first it was difficult for Anderson, but says her attitude propels her forward. “She’s just stuck with it, it’s a been a day at a time. It’s been a journey,” said Lane.

“She’s got dedication, she’s got commitment and she’s determined. She’s very determined to do what she wants,” said Haley Anderson, the team’s assistant coach, and Anderson’s guide. “She’s never complained to me one time. She’s never come up with an issue or anything that she can’t overcome,” said John Regas, the school’s athletic director.

“I’m just like everyone else. I do the same things everyone else does. I just have to put in a little extra effort,” said Anderson. Anderson has a 3.42 GPA, and when she graduates in May, she says she’s going to college and wants to be a trainer or a biomedical engineer.

Learn  more of Logan’s amazing story in this video