6 Inspiring Short Films About Trail Running

6 Inspiring Short Films About Trail Running

Need a little extra motivation to hit the trails? These inspiring and beautiful films have you covered.

We enjoyed putting these inspiring films together for you. From footage of ultrarunning legends like Kilian Jornet and Darcy Piceu at the grueling Hardrock 100 to a moving video profile that captures the twinkle in the eye of Leadville “superfan” Bill Dooper, here are some of our favorite short films about trail runners and trail running.

Be prepared—most of these short films are hugely inspiring, you are going to want to get out and hit the trails afterwards.

1. The view from Hardrock’s highest aid station


Film by: Salomon Running TV/The African Attachment

At 13,100 feet, Kroger’s Canteen at the Hardrock 100 is a unique spectacle. Captained by 10-time Hardrock finisher Roch Horton, the aid station, housed on a tiny ledge, is famous for its tradition of mid-race tequila shots and volunteer waitlist.

This short video offers a glimpse into what it’s like at this incredible spot through interviews with Horton, longtime mountain runner Rick Trujillo and two-time Hardrock champ Kilian Jornet.


2. Spirit runner

Film by: Heist

Ronnie Goodman is a recovering addict, convicted felon and runner who lives on the streets of San Francisco. Several years ago, Goodman began running as a way to escape from his difficult circumstances and be present within himself. He now runs anywhere from 5 to 15 miles a day. He has several half-marathons and marathons already under his belt.

“When people see me, they just see a runner,” Goodman explains. “They don’t look at me as a person that is homeless.” This video follows Goodman as he jogs through San Francisco and discusses how running has shaped and changed his life for the better.


3. Getting extreme in the mountains


Film by: Clif Bar

Dakota Jones—a young elite ultrarunner who broke into the scene at age 18—has been making waves in the trail running community, with two Hardrock podium finishes already under his belt. And he’s only 24.

“I don’t know if I’m the most gifted athlete physically,” Jones says in this video. “But I can suffer, and that’s like my strength.”

In order to take his career to the next level, Jones has been combining his trail-running skills with his passion for climbing, tackling the world’s most difficult peaks as efficiently as he can. This short film captures Jones as he scrambles up rock and slips around on the snowfields of Mount Rainier. Meanwhile, he discusses how his relationship to trail running has evolved as trail running as a sport similarly evolves into something wilder and more extreme.

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